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Billy Talent’s back

Last Saturday, Nov 26th, Billy Talent played a show at Vienna’s Gasometer and boy, it was amazing.

bt6I’m not gonna go into detail about the support acts. There were two bands, The Dirty Nil and Monster Truck. I didn’t see The Dirty Nil’s full set but what I did see was quite good. Monster Truck was a lot harder and louder but also not bad. If they ever play at a festival I’d probably go see them.

bt4You know when you don’t listen to a band for a few months and when you finally do it’s like coming home. That’s exactly how I felt during the concert. I only listened to the new album Afraid Of Heights a few times before the show. So when they started playing all those amazing songs from the previous albums I started feeling really warm inside.
I know this sounds super cheesy but I guess I just forgot how freaking amazing Billy Talent was.

I knew every single song they played, I loved every single song they played and I felt like the vibe got better and better after every song.

bt8During Red Flag the whole crowd went completely crazy, everyone was dancing, jumping and singing. The mosh pit was insane.

The mix of old and new songs was perfect. Sometimes bands tend to only play new songs when they’re touring with a new album but Billy Talent knows how to incorporate those new songs into their set without losing any of the crowd’s energy.

This concert was one of the best I’ve been to this year, maybe even one of the best ever. It was definitely the best Billy Talent concert so far, loved it.




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